This announcement is a little bit late (okay a lot late). Janeway 1.3.7 was released on 27 Nov 2019, and we’ve recently released which is a hotfix for the review system. Patch notes for both releases are available over on Github.

The next release of Janeway is due out in the coming weeks (1.3.8) and this includes a new Typesetting plugin that can optionally replace the existing Production and Proofing stages making them more integrated.

Whats next?

Making Janeway Plan S compliant
Integrating with Fundref
Articles can be assigned an projected Issue early in the workflow
Navigation between Article and its Issue
A new Typesetting Plugin that changes the way we handle the Production workflow It is expected that this may become part of the Core, ie. a plugin distributed as part of the main repository as a sub-repository

Adding tests for the entire workflow & making backward compatible changes in preparation for the bump to Django 2.2

Bumping the Django version to 2.2

Overhaul of the Content Management System into a configurable block based system much like the homepage system

Remodel Articles Rebuild the Janeway file system

In between these larger releases we aim to make smaller bugfix releases.

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