Janeway 1.3.6 has been released after 4 release clients were tested. All releases for Janeway can be found on Github:


Upgrade Notes

  • Follow the normal upgrade procedure (from the root janeway folder run sh update.sh
  • Note there are some heavy data migrations so this upgrade may take some time


  • Django version has been bumped to 1.11.22 due to a vulnerability
  • Permissions for Section Editors has been overhauled so they should now be able to access required workflow pages


Janeway now allows you to set a required version for a plugin starting in 1.3.6. This can be added by creating a new variable in plugin_settings.py: JANEWAY_VERSION = "1.3.6". Janeway will throw an error if the version does not match the current.

Bug Fixes

  • The link sent to slack when a new submission is received has been updated
  • Where a carousel has only one item it will now loop correctly rather than freeze
  • Making a search from the search bar on the OLH theme now works correctly
  • Index pages no longer call contexts for homepage plugins that aren’t present
  • Plugin index no longer generates errors for homepage elements being missing
  • “Other” Galley types can now be deleted as expected
  • Editors can now be added as proofreaders without issue
  • Production managers now have their own Dashboard box with a route to the In Production list
  • Validation of the Request Revisions form has been updated to work as expected
  • Activating an account now required the user to click a button to avoid browser preloading accidentally activating an account
  • Changing an accounts email address via the profile page will now provide an error if the new email is a duplicate rather than presenting a 500 error
  • On the dashboard Completed Reviews always showed 0 due to a logic bug, this has now been fixed
  • On Prepublication the Notify Author button is now disabled until a Publication Date is set

New Features

  • An setting has been added to make the abstract mandatory
  • If default_review_visibility is set to blind or double-blind we recommend the editor ensures that review files are anonymised
  • Various pages in the editorial workflow now give editors the option to email users from within Janeway (eg. Authors, Typesetters etc.)
  • Front end templates now use the correct heading tags
  • The “About” homepage element now has a configurable title
  • Editors can now set deadlines for Typesetters
  • Editors can now delete proofing rounds
  • Reviewers can now see basic information about a review request before they have to accept or decline it
  • Editors can now generate their own Issue types and have separate pages for different types
  • When requesting corrections after proofing, comments are now shown outside the text area and are appended to the end of the task message if a checkbox is ticked
  • A new workflow manager tool has been added to move articles back along the workflow path
  • Typesetters can upload source files during typesetting
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