Janeway is proudly Open Source. This means that if you want to host and run an install of Janeway yourself, you are free to do so, as all our code is available on our Github page.

Why host with us?

We built Janeway from the ground up. As its core developers we are uniquely positioned to provide hosted solutions for it - we know it inside out, and already maintain installations that we use ourselves. As such, we're proud to have all the expert knowledge required to successfully set up and host Janeway for you.

Current hosting customers include:

  • US
    • University of Michigan
    • Washington University in St. Louis
    • Longleaf Services/UNC
    • University of Iowa
    • Iowa State Digital Press
  • EU
    • Ghent University
    • TU Darmstadt
  • UK
    • University College London
    • University of Huddersfield
    • University of Wales Press

Pricing and Features

We offer three different packages to suit all publishing needs and budgets, including two different tiers for Journal Hosting and Preprint Hosting. To help you choose, we've summarised their main features in the table below. Interested, or have more questions? Get in touch.

Features Journal Hosting Institutional Journal Hosting* Preprint Hosting
Personal Install Yes Yes Yes
Upgrades Yes Yes Yes
Training Initial Training Ongoing Support Ongoing Support
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Articles/Preprints Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Backups Yes Yes Yes
Custom Domains Yes Yes Yes
Discord and Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Customisations Yes Yes Yes
Themes Customisation Available Customisation Available Customisation Available
Janeway Developed Plugins Yes Yes Yes
Externally Developed Plugins Yes Yes Yes
Access to Test Journal/Preprints Yes Yes Yes
Crossref/iThenticate/Datacite Integration Yes Yes Yes
Assistance with Crossref/Datacite Yes Yes Yes
Press Site No Yes Yes
* discounts available for multiple journals * Available for education institutions and open access publishers
Pricing £1,600.00 £1,200.00 £1,500.00
  • All prices are in GBP, exclude VAT and are per journal per year.
  • For Crossref/Datacite/iThenticate you require your own account.

Typesetting, Copyediting and Editorial Management.

Although our Janeway hosting service does not include production, typesetting, or managing editor services, we are able to recommend a trusted partner service on request.